you are in an extra- ordinary world , or rather in the blog of a love of blogging …

Here you can see the texts that only tell you my private life photos that are other than mine and sometimes those of my friends … I also want to play with my readers we blogged together ie you share my blog and I also do the same by promoting your site or blog like this one is sure to be well … I would be in forums and directories I suggest you back as long as you do the same with me … I’m pretty manga fans such as One Piece , Naruto, Death Note so do not be surprised any of you come across articles that talk … On my Facebook that you’ll probably see my twitter account and I invite you to subscribe for more news and there’s also the RSS feed of my blog offering for you … Well finally I will make a list of things I like …

1_Likes , the reblogs and comments …

2_Shares on social networks …

3_Proposals directories, forums and blogs anywhere on my blog … What I do not like …

1_Plagiarism … .

2_Unnecessary comments and mockery … .

3_Evil that I do not like at all … .

4_Proposals for sites that do not correspond at all to my theme … Well finally I think I have said everything about my blog and especially the adventure begins …


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